Whether it’s meeting deadlines or juggling multiple tasks… at some point in business, we end up feeling the pressure. Whilst some may say that they actually perform better under pressure, this isn’t exactly true. Yes, you may be more productive but your work will not be at its best and some people simply cannot cope with the stress involved.

In this blog, we’ll share with you some tips on how to work well under pressure.

Don’t procrastinate

The worst thing you can do is continuously put something off which needs to be done as it’s just adding more pressure than you actually need. Get it done! Make a list of all the jobs you need to complete and prioritise. The times when you are usually put under pressure are for the jobs that suddenly come out of nowhere, so to avoid the situation of feeling stressed, try not to put it off.

Change your mindset

Don’t see the high-pressure scenario as life-or-death, see it more as a challenge. When you’re thrown into a high-pressure situation, you’re automatically going to see it as a threat which makes you under-perform and brings up fear of failure. What you should do instead is see the situation as a challenge, because by doing this you’re motivating yourself to give it the energy and attention it needs to be the best.

Only think about now

One of the easiest tactics is to only focus on the task at hand and to not think about the outcome. Forget about other tasks and future deadlines, simply put all of your attention into the task you’re currently working on. For example, write down the top things you need to do for the upcoming deadline and just do those things.

Think about previous successful high-pressure situations

Look back and remember the times you successfully took on a high-pressure job and got it done. This will give you a feeling of confidence and will urge you to keep going because you know you can do this.

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