Love Your Truth – The ‘Just Over Broke’ Epidemic

Is this really a business

In the following article I want to talk to you about a crazy business epidemic happening right now… It’s really weird!


A HUGE amount of people are working very long hours each week, full of stress due to the chaos they have created in their business, yet they get paid less than they would if they worked for someone else…

In fact – some people seem to be proud of working long hours!

They tell you how hard they have to work because their business is just ‘so busy’; they shout from the rooftops how they have missed their children’s bedtime, or birthdays, or family events just because their business is SO BUSY.

Do you recognise this person? Does this actually sound like YOU?


Is this really a business?

These people, of whom I’ve just described, tell me all the time that they have a great business. But do they?

For me to help them I ask them a few simple questions:

Can your business survive without you for a full 6 months?

Now I ask them to think carefully about this question:

Can your business survive without you for 6 months and with no contact? No emails, no telephone calls, no check-ins; no contact with your business at all!

Can your business survive without you, period?

The majority of time, their answer is no to each of these…

These people are not business owners. I don’t even like to call them self-employed, rather they are a ‘self-employee’. They think they run a business, but the business is running them. They have created a JOB not a business.


‘JOB’ stands for ‘Just Over Broke’

Now, let me be upfront about business in general; this is what needs to happen when people start their business:

They need to create enough turnover to pay their bills. The problem is most businesses stay there. They don’t progress to being a ‘Business Owner’.

These ‘self-employees’ trade their time for money, and work all the hours in the day to earn less than if they were working for someone else.

A business owner is an owner of systems or processes that are worked by an employee that produces a net profit for the business owner.


It’s time to change your mindset!

The tragedy is that the underachievement and frustration that most ‘self-employees’ experience is unnecessary. Starting and building a profitable business has been done millions of times by people with no business experience at all.

It is all down to mindset.

Is your mindset set for being a ‘self-employee’ and doing all of the work yourself, OR is it set for being a business owner where your employees or outsourcers do the work and you get the net profit?

Your homework for tonight is to ponder over that question…


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Good Luck!