Success Story: Kath Parrington

‘Turning 50 was the catalyst for me to start living with confidence!’

Turning 50 is a watershed for many people and I was no different. You start to reevaluate everything in your life and not everything stacks up as you’d like it to when you hold it up closely to the light. All the cracks start to show.

Although I’d been a property investor for a number of years, I started to realise that I was leaving a lot of profit on the table through my desire to stay in my comfort zone and not get things wrong. I was also scared of success. I mistakenly believed that I was safe and happy in my bubble, but in reality, I was hiding from pain, fearful and miserable. I passionately wanted to leave a lasting legacy for my family yet believed that I lacked the ability to make my dreams come true.

‘I was in real danger of never realising my full potential in business’

Weighed down by the millstone of limiting beliefs, old habits, distractions and patterns of behaviour, I was in real danger of never realising my full potential in business or living life to the full. It’s like walking for years with a painful thorn in your foot and then waking up to the realisation that without it you might be able to run. I wanted to run and knew something had to change but I didn’t know how to resolve my situation. 

I had gone through some technical education and decided to be much more aggressive in leveraging my existing assets as well as taking on some new property strategies but I knew that without someone to help me, I was about to start trying to run on that painful foot without removing the thorn. I was going to struggle to get where I wanted to be.

It was then that I made one of my best business decisions ever and sought help through Influential Minds.

How Influential Minds helped

The process of going through logical processes such as setting and tracking goals and creating practical daily habits enabled me to see some rational benefits and that’s one of the beauties of business coaching. But Influential Minds offers so much more than business coaching. I realised with their help that practical solutions were only part of the answer and to really take a leap forward I had to go much deeper and tackle the biggest thing standing in my way: myself.

The thing about carrying pain around with you is that it’s always there, affecting every area of your life and none more so than your professional productivity and overall quality of life. Through coaching from Influential Minds to tackle the painful emotional stuff I found answers to the things I’d locked away in my mind, let go of the pain and turned my life around.

The Results

The coaching gave me the confidence to have a crystal clear vision for my future and the legacy I want to leave. I now set specific, meaningful goals and see solutions instead of problems. I am growing in technical skill and focus on my personal development 500% more than I did in the past.

I work the same number of hours as before but my business results have changed almost beyond expectation. I’m on track to increase my property portfolio by the end of this year by 50% and my turnover is set to increase by almost 50% in the same period with the potential to double next year. 

I love the benefits that being part of a supportive trusted community brings and am surrounded now by only positive people who believe in me. I’ve freed myself from the shackles of pain and have stopped standing in my own way. That’s one of the biggest pluses of investing in Influential Minds. The difference to my business is clear. The difference to how it has made me feel is immeasurable and priceless.

500% more focus on personal development.

Same hours of work as before.

50% increase in turnover.

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