Success Story: Jackie Pousson

‘When I lost my husband and business partner at the start of 2019 it was a double blow as it left me alone and with a business to run single-handed.’

Finding Influential Minds has given me a major mindset boost and shown me that I have a positive future. The start of 2019 didn’t go well for me at all.

Losing my husband was incredibly difficult on a personal level, but it also had implications for our business. 

When he was alive we worked as a team, playing to each other’s strengths. I managed the office and operations side and he was the front-facing side of the business, meeting customers and handling all the sales.

‘Suddenly, there was only me and I found myself dealing with things that were quite alien to me, like networking.’

Luckily, this brought me together with Paula and Farah and that has been a real turning point that has saved me and my business..

When I met them my mindset wasn’t good and I didn’t really care about the business. I had no direction or focus and was going through the motions. I had no business or personal goals and to be honest, I felt like all my hopes and dreams had been snatched from me. 

My confidence was low, I was completely out of my comfort zone and I felt as if I was steering a ship wth no rudder. And the thing with being on a ship with no rudder is that you if you’re not careful you end up headed nowhere, drifting on a sea of despair. Paula and Farah came floating along on the ocean to meet me and helped me to navigate my way through seas that at times have been stormy for me.

How Influential Minds helped

I started on the ‘90 days to accelerate your business’ course which helped to give me accountability and a structure to work with. It was hard for me to set goals initially but they both helped me in a supportive and constructive way, and working alongside other business owners also helped me to find my focus again.

I started to find my motivation and when I began to see the results of my new approach, it gave me a real confidence boost that meant I actually started to enjoy what I was doing once more. This process has not been without challenges for me, but I’ve always felt that Paula and Farah have my back and they have enabled me to start becoming a business owner rather than someone with a job. 

They have that special ability to be critical friends when needed and also to celebrate the wins with you.

The Results

My business results are wonderful. I smashed my first 90 day goals and had my best ever month with sales turnover. But more than that, it’s turned my personal life around. I’ve made some incredible, supportive friends and have started running regularly which has given me such a mindset boost. I’m now able to face my future with confidence and know that I’m part of the influential Minds family and not alone.

Best ever sales turnover.

Smashed first 90 day goals.

53% increase in monthly turnover.

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