Success Story: Alison Hamilton

‘When I set up my business in 2018 I thought it would be easy to do but quickly found myself floundering.’

Starting my own business seemed like a pretty straightforward thing to do. Looking back, I can see that I was quite naive as I’d only ever been an employee and didn’t really know everything that was involved in running a successful business. I ploughed on regardless! I quite quickly encountered a problem, one that I hadn’t foreseen.

‘I’d always thought of myself as a confident person but suddenly everything seemed very intimidating and out of my comfort zone.’

I dreaded going to networking events and having to introduce myself. I didn’t know how to get clients and the thought of cold calling was so alien to my nature it almost had me running for the hills! I felt lost and stupid.

‘I was confident in my work but in business I realised that I was starting from scratch.’

My confidence was low, I was questioning my decision, and I honestly felt like I had made a mistake and should just go and find a job. 

It caused me a lot of anxiety but then I met Farah at a networking event and made one of my best business decisions ever. I accepted her invitation to attend one of Influential minds Lunch and Learn events which I found fascinating and it spurred me on to get some more help. I did the ‘90 days to accelerate your business’ course and was overwhelmed but I took a lot from it and discovered that I wasn’t the only one in my situation.

How Influential Minds helped

Over the course of the next few months I gradually got my confidence back through group sessions and one to one coaching where I became more able to open up about where I was and how I was feeling. It wasn’t all plain sailing, however. I had a few meltdowns when my cash flow wasn’t flowing at all and I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. I questioned everything but Paula and Farah helped me to believe in myself again.

I soaked up everything I was learning. I watched motivational videos. I began to post on social mediaI and started doing videos, all of which increased my online visibility tremendously. All this from someone who not long before had thought about throwing in the towel!

The Results

And now it’s a very different story. I’ve had fantastic sales over the past few months and have hit my monthly financial targets. I’ve set goals and I know I’m going to achieve them. People are recommended to me so my client list is growing. I’ve got my mojo back and the future looks very bright indeed.

1981% increase in monthly turnover.

4x increase in earnings.

718% increase in daily turnover.

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