Several studies have confirmed that meditation training can improve brain function and produce observable changes to the brain structure, it can dramatically improve the physical framework of the brain with links to reducing anxiety and stress, feelings which are common when running a business.

Tupperware CEO, Rick Goings, meditates daily to refocus, he had this to say “For me, it’s a practice that not only burns off stress but gives me fresh eyes to clarify what’s really going on and what really matters.”

Here are four ways meditation can help you become a better leader.

  • Part of meditating is learning who you are, where you want to go and how to get there. During meditation, you’ll notice the thought patterns you have and you’ll become aware of what habits you have. Having that awareness will allow you to decide which habits to let go and help you set clear intentions of what you want to do.


  • As mentioned above, there has been increased amounts of research which have found that meditation have helped decrease levels of anxiety. By getting a better handle on anxiety, this will boost your performance under stress.


  • Want to become a bit more creative? Meditate. According to research, we come up with our greatest insights and biggest breakthroughs when we have a more relaxed state of mind. When you’re meditating, you’re able to come up with as many solutions as possible due to your divergent mindset.


  • As a leader, you are constantly thrown into situations which require courage. Meditating gives you the confident mindset to get results and get rid of those negative thoughts before high pressure situations. By avoiding those negative thoughts, you will worry less and allow yourself to visualise the perfect outcome.