No matter the scenario, it could be business related or not, but when things go wrong or you feel the pressure, everything seems to speed up, it could be your walking speed or even speech. If your inclination is to begin rushing, don’t – be calm and slow it down as you’ll produce less mistakes, avoid making errors and irrational decisions, meaning that you become more successful in your decision making.

Even if you’re in a high-pressure situation which normally associates with rash decisions, organise your thoughts and compose yourself and you’ll perform better than rushing in just to get it over and done with.

By controlling your breathing, you can bring yourself to a halt as it ultimately feels like everything has slowed down, meaning that you can become as composed as possible whilst performing by maintaining a physical and mental cadence.

Pacing allows you to communicate better as you’ll be less anxious and stressed, allowing you to project a friendlier image to everyone surrounding you. The work you produce will be better quality as you’re not scurrying to finish it in time. You take pride in your work, and slowing down allows you to portray this.

The decisions you make when rushing are more impulsive than thought through which could possibly cause more problems in the future. What may look like a simple mistake could cause some unintended consequences. Slowing your thoughts down and taking a moment to decide on what the best options are could save you time in the future.

Slowing down can also allow you to appreciate some of the smaller things in life that you would normally disregard when rushing, which could help reduce any stress and clear stressful thoughts off your mind.

Constantly rushing is unhealthy, both physically and mentally as it can be extremely draining. Rushing can cause you stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Physically it can affect your body as you could miss out on valuable sleep because you’re rushing to get things done, you begin to skip meals, you could overwork your body to the point where it gives up on you.

No matter if your rushing for things of small or large importance, it’s never enjoyable. Whilst in the short-run it may look like the best option, in the long-run it’s never the best option. If you rush to complete something and don’t do it in time, it feels like everything is crumbling down, meaning that you have to invest more time than you expected into something you were rushing to do in the first place. Always try and give yourself time and plan. It can be underestimated how well planning can structure your business or personal life in a positive way.

Don’t add too much to your plate, don’t multitask and take things one at a time. Try relaxing and having fun with friends, watching movies, playing video games, whatever you enjoy the most to allow yourself to relax and reduce the chance of rushing.

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