Does your destructive cycle go like this?

Oh hell yes, I am going to achieve this. (I hope)

I’ve hit one of my goals in my first week. (I was lucky though)

 I am starting to feel good. (I’m going to treat myself as I hard worked really hard – Right !!!!!!!)

I feel rubbish after that treat. (I just can’t be arsed to do this, I wish it was easy and the voice in my head just starts to talk at just the wrong moment, saying go on, have that chocolate bar, wine or that cake)

Your mind may get distracted with something that causes you pain and you may start to get bogged down with your worries such as, I am worried that I will not be able to pay that bill, or I hate my job or you may just feel sad and you don’t know why. (You are now starting to feel you need something to make you feel happy again)

 I am never going to achieve this goal (I’m going to have that bar of chocolate, takeaway or that bottle of wine)

I should never have had that, I’m a failure and have no will power (I AM A FAILURE, useless bag of sh!t with not will power)

Finally, you then ditch the goal with some excuse that will be logical to you at that time, but deep down you know what the real reason is.

Does this cycle sound and feel familiar?




Influential Minds discovered one little secret that will help you conquer your mind…………..

Think of your emotions as a machine that thinks independent from you. Its not an angel but neither is it the devil, it is just a machine.

You are not responsible for the nature of your machine as it is genetic.

You are not responsible for the nature of your machine as it is genetic.

BUT, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MANAGING IT – You have been given this miracle piece of machine for a reason. Discover it’s strengths and make a game plan to gain the best out of it.

Influential Minds would love to help you with how to achieve that to help you become happier and more successful. Click here if you are worth it and would love to know more about us.

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