Influential Minds receive a lot of emails from people telling us that they are feeling sad, but they don’t know why.

Many of my clients contact us to discover the reasons behind why they are feeling sad. They say, ‘I should be able to get a grip and grow some balls, but I just can’t do it.

In this world, I would pay you a million pounds if you found someone who couldn’t either operate a TV, mobile phone or drive a car. Technology evolves and we learn how to use it but there is one very important thing that we have failed to understand; ourselves!

How do we function?

Why do we have negative thoughts running wildly through our minds?

How can we control those little emotional monkeys?

For us emotions are as important as fuel is to a car, that is if you want the car to run effectively.

When the fuel is running low, the warning light appears, to let us know the car is in need of refueling because without it, the car will soon be unable to function.

Emotions are simply your mind’s way of telling you there is a need to refuel yourself. These emotional signals are sent to your mind in order to motivate you to take action. So when you are feeling sad just remember, it is a message to tell you something has to change.

How to take back control, when you don’t know why you are sad.

Think of a time where you felt overwhelmed because you had loads of work to finish and not enough time in the day. Tell me how you felt as soon as you started your ‘to do’ list. I bet you started to feel good as soon as you started marking things off the list and not just not when you finished it.

This happens because your emotions are sending you a signal with the aim of motivating you. The same thing goes for your sad mood. When you don’t understand why you are feeling sad, tell yourself your mind is trying to activate you to do something. Ask yourself, ‘What am I afraid of’? The answer is usually the action you need to take.

As soon as you take action, I will promise you, your sad mood will ease because that emotion has completed its job and got you to take action.

Feeling bad and knowing the reason

When something happens to you, leaving a bad emotion attached to the memory, I guarantee you will try and ignore it, rather than solve the problem. It gets buried in your subconscious mind.

Most people will try and forget about their problems. The issue is that these problems never get forgotten by your unconscious mind, they will just lie there and nag at you every now and then, in the form of a negative grumpy mood that you can’t understand.

One brilliant way to understand your bad mood and know the real reason behind it lies in being brave enough to confront the problem, embrace it and let it go. Bring the issue into your consciousness in order to understand it.

Suppressed emotions must leak out somehow

If you insist on taking the action that most people do and try to escape from your problems, good luck! This memory will leak out with water through your eyes, bad dreams or day dreaming etc. You may even get that dreaded awful emotion called anxiety and have a panic attack or you may get that label that we call depression. You have 2 choices:

1) Deal with your problem

2) Ignore it

What is it going to be?

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