Body language is key to expressing your feelings and thoughts to others but also key to figuring out what other people are feeling. It’s the non-verbal communication of body movements, facial expressions and subtle gestures which can mean ether positive or negative feelings.

When you first meet someone you want to give off a good first impression. You want your body language to be positive and this includes, smiling, keeping your chin up and standing tall with your shoulders back and your chest out. Your stance should be confident and approachable. Negative body language such as frowning, hunched shoulders and your eyes downcast gives off an energy which won’t settle well with the person you’re talking too.

Refer to an athlete when trying to give off a good first impression – they’re confident, have a winning frame of mind, stand tall and walk strong. If you keep a positive demeanour then your body language will instinctively mirror that mind-set and send the right message towards the person you’re interacting with.

Psychologist John Clabby came up with the acronym BEST which stands for “Body Language, Eye Contact, Speech, and Tone of Voice”, so it’s all about giving your BEST with strong body language, focused eye contacts, assertive speech with a self-assured tone of voice. If you strive to improve these aspects of your communication, you won’t have to worry about how to make that first impression count, you’ll automatically do it.