If only I knew 10 years ago what I know now, I would have:

This time last year I was working for an amazing company that failed to utilise my talents and due to my own fault I fell in to the biggest rut of my life. If I were one of my clients, I would have said, ‘You are past your SELL BY DATE’.

No matter how I tried, I was unable to get out of this mega drowning rut. That was until I left and now I am in charge of my own destiny, working for myself!

Since leaving my job I have been offered endless job opportunities from other companies. Major brand companies who are begging for my talents right now and offering me a salary that I could never have dreamt about this time last year.

When I first left I applied for thousands of jobs and only got a handful of interviews. I felt sorry for myself, I blamed the recruitment process and my CV was utter tripe. I was perfectly qualified for the job and I got no response from the recruitment agencies or hiring managers.

It was then that I started to think the recruitment process was broken. I now know hiring managers don’t like the broken recruiting process any more than job-seekers do; HR people don’t like it either.
Nobody likes the broken, talent-repelling ‘Black Hole’ recruiting portals, except the vendors who charge their corporate and institutional clients to use their broken software.

You’re probably not going to get your next job by filling out an online application form, and if you do get your job that way, you’re going to put up with a lot of unnecessary stress and headaches. But great news, there is a better way to get a job.

Here are 4 easy powerful ways of getting job offers worth over £50K.

1) Build Rapport
I was invited into one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets to help them improve the mindset of their employees. Before I even started talking about business, I spent a good 20 minutes talking to the site manager about his family, his hobbies, where he went on holiday and what type of car he drove.At the same time I mirrored his actions, crossing my legs when he crossed his legs or scratching some part of my face when he scratched his nose and before long we were getting on like a house on fire. We were like friends not business colleagues and I was genuinely interested in him as a person.

A couple of weeks later I asked him, ‘What made you decide I would be the best person for the project’?

He said, ‘I bought into you and not what you could provide me. You are a people person who demonstrates ‘you get what you see’ with no hidden agenda. You made me feel like I was the most important person in that room and I never forgot how you made me feel’.

This was the exact result I wanted. I wanted the manager to always remember how he felt when I left. That is what got me the contract. Remember, people may forget what you say, but don’t forget how you made them feel. Think about your aura and the feeling you want to leave with people.

2) Work for Free and Show them YOUR Magic

I always knew the power of having a mentor, and a certain person in my life galvanised me and gave me a chance to help him. Well, I wouldn’t say he gave me a chance; I made sure he gave me a chance, by identifying a certain pain that was holding back his most fabulous business.

He didn’t know it at the time, although he probably will when he reads this, I did not know one ‘scooby doo’ of what I promised I could deliver for him. Anybody who knows me knows I am utter crap on computers and never knew about ‘mailchimp’ or websites.

When I sold him my idea and the benefits of allowing me to help him, I rapidly taught myself how to do the things I had promised him, no matter what sleep it cost me. I am going to take this time to brag about myself because I know by me helping him with his social media strategy; he has engaged more clients than he would have ever done if he hadn’t posted anything on social media.

I know if I go, there is a certain big hole he would now have to fill (ha ha) although more importantly he knows he would have to employ someone now for that post.

I would love to be let loose on his business now as I know how to use my new skills to his advantage, although there is not enough time in the day.
PS – by the way, I also negotiated with him if I would work for free would he mind coaching me for free in my business. That right there my friend is worth a million dollars to my business.

3) Build Trust

By working for company and showing the company how amazing and competent you are, they will start to understand your brilliant personality. One of your exceptional values that will instantly pop out is trust.

Think about it, if you hired somebody for your business and you were thinking that they were stealing from you or even the most common one, bitching about you, would you hire them?

4) Show them you can take their business to the next level
One of the most amazing things that job hunters never do is anticipate a new job is going to be advertised in that department or company.
I was talking to one of my clients yesterday and asked, ‘Why are you applying for the job now’?

She said, ‘I now know there is an opening because the job is being advertised’.
And this my friend is what the majority of job hunters do. They wait for the job to be advertised, just like the other 1,000 or so people waiting to fish for their next job and straight away they’re stuck with all the others fishing for the same job.

One mega super easy way to stand out is start to fish before the job is advertised. Make friends with the people who work in that company via LinkedIn. Or if you are looking for a new role within your existing company, start hanging out with the people in the department and get YOURSELF noticed.

At the same time, offer to help them out. Show them that your signing fee is to going to be worth a million dollars to them. Demonstrate that you know their pains and show how you could add value to the team by thinking outside the box.

It could even me the simplest ideas that win the manager over. A colleague who works in my business said to me, ‘Paula, why don’t we open a secret Facebook group for our employees so they know when the training events will be and we can share ideas’.

A simple idea that will absolutely save me time and money.

I will leave you with that thought.


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