Turning ordinary people into extraordinary performers


  • You will increase your profits
  • You will have happier employees
  • You will have strategies which inspire your team to maximise their performance
  • And much more!


The Cinema Room
Blythswood Square Hotel
G2 4AD


6:30pm – 8:30pm Tuesday 19th September 2017
Doors open at 6pm
Tickets: £19.99

This workshop will:

1) Show you three proven strategies that will instantly increase your employee’s performance by a minimum of 10%

2) Give you an insight as to why £3,400 is wasted for every £10K paid in wages and help you become 8X more successful as a business owner.

3) Provide you with one crucial strategy that ensures employees hold themselves accountable for their performance in order to increase results.

4) Help you maximise your employees potential through the power of measuring their performance.

5) Show you how to achieve an ROI (Return of Interest) of up to 333% in just 12 weeks and at the same time have employees who love what they do.

6) Share with you how a company turned a £30K investment in their employees into a return of over £5.5m in turnover in just 24 weeks.

7) Disclose why current-training methods are now dead according to Deloitte.

8) Increase your awareness of an employee mindset and business owners mindset to skyrocket your profits.


This 2-hour workshop is ideal for business owners and business leaders who have 10 employees or more who want to learn how to grow high performing employees.


For every £10K you pay an employee as a salary, how much is of that is wasted?

According to Gallup, £3400 of that is wasted.

Why is this?

Simple answer – They are disengaged and not passionate about the vision or culture in your business.

Gallup states that 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged. This means employees are not doing their job or worse, being disruptive to your organisation.

If you are like many of the business owners I work with, you may be feeling frustrated, stressed, and overworked when managing employees who are not maximising their potential. You’re probably sick and tired of hearing your employees complain about trivialities and pass the blame onto others.

This can sap the life from any business owner who has challenging sales targets to meet, can’t it?

The question is how do you get the best out of them? How do you create a high performance zone that consistently crushes targets?

The Answer: We help employees to hold themselves accountable like a world-class athlete would.

World class athletes know the greatest competitive advantage ever is a positive and engaged mind. Why are your employees any different?

Every attendee will receive a free Employee Engagement Survey that will:

1) Measure how actively engaged your team are.

2) Identify and measure the cost of underperformance in your business.

3) Give you 3 straightforward actions, which you can quickly implement to increase your employee engagement.