There goes an old legend known as the tale of the two wolves. One wolf is positive, can-do and willing. The other is negative and destructive. The two wolves fight in our mind to win over our thoughts. It is often questioned as to which of the wolves wins the battle and it’s simple, the winner out of the two is the wolf that we feed.

While this may sound like ‘good cop, bad cop’ of an analogy surrounding our consciousness, it teaches us so much more by letting us know that thoughts determine feelings and feelings determine performance.

Monitoring what you are telling yourself lets you know what wolf you are feeding and can be the start of the journey to empowering your decision making.

While you can’t eliminate negative thoughts, you do have the power to challenge them. You have the power to replace them with positive thoughts.

We deal with the fear wolf every day. Fear tells us that we cannot better ourselves, that we can’t get that better job, we can’t lose the weight we’re trying and that we can’t succeed at tasks that others are better than us at. Feat is what stops people taking their chance and because of fear, people never achieve their potential.

Fear lies in all of us and in moments of power that we hold, fear gives it away when the bad wolf starts to creep up on us.

The good wolf is courageous, loving, and generous. By creating a mindset that everything in the world is good it tells us that we can become the person we want to be. Positivity takes the power inside of us and unleashes it with amazing results.

Anytime you have achieved something, remember the things you were telling the good wolf, the mindset you were in and the results you gained. The wolf inside you needs feeding; just make sure it’s the right one.

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