When you’re an entrepreneur, asking for help can seem like an impossible task but really it can lead to incredible business growth.

It’s true, you can’t get help unless you ask for it and a lot of entrepreneurs’ figure this out a little too late, usually because they’re too scared or proud to ask for it. Unfortunately, there’s a belief among entrepreneurs that asking for help is a sign of weakness and to become a success, you need to make it on your own and refuse to ask for help even when they need it most.
Why should you ask for help?

The thing is, it’s never a bad thing to ask for help and it’s not a sign of weakness, in most cases, it’s actually the best move you can make to boost your business.
Asking for help is a great tool to easily boost your brand awareness and build up your reputation among fellow entrepreneurs. This is an organic strategy and very effective as you’re taking the time to reach out to people and asking for help.

Asking for help is perfect when you’re looking to grow your network. When you’re a business owner you’ll already have a network of contacts; however, meeting up with people and sitting down for a chat is key as it allows your business to grow and develop to the next level, and what better excuse to sit down with someone than to ask for some advice.

When should you ask for help?

There’s never a bad time to ask for help but one of the most obvious time is when business isn’t going so well and you feel like you’re at your most vulnerable point. Failing is never an option for an entrepreneur and it can feel scary when you think you could at times like this. But, it’s important to remember that there are people out there who can help, you just need to be brave enough to ask.

Despite what others say, you can’t do it all on your own in business and to thrive you sometimes need that extra support.

Who should you ask for help?

Sometimes there are only a select number of people you actually feel comfortable asking for help from and those people could be your mentors, friends, people you look up to. However, not everyone you reach out to will want to or be able to help but all it takes is one of them to speak to you and things will change for the better.

How should you ask for help?

When you’re ready to ask for help, remember that these people will probably be busy and have limited time to give, so it’s important to handle it the right way. Remember to be quick, so no long drawn-out emails, just get straight to the point whilst been real and authentic, and don’t contact the person you’re asking between 9-5 as your email will get lost in their inbox or you won’t be able to catch them on the phone.

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