Are your employees working as hard as the fire brigade on Guy Fawkes Night?

Or do they feel like working in your office is as mind-numbingly tedious and painful as having a root-canal treatment performed daily and on only one singular tooth? Even more intriguing, does your Employee-of-the-month know deep down this title is an example of how you can simultaneously be both a winner and a loser? They feel cursed.

There is a massive secret that successful businesses are keeping to themselves and Influential Minds can no longer keep quiet. This process delivers results, but only the successful ones use them. Imagine this, what would your business achieve if your employees used a mind coach?

The best of the best have a coach.

For instance top sportsmen: the world’s best golfer, Tiger woods, did he achieve such high levels of success without any help along the way? No. He had coaches. Michael Jordan, one of the worlds best and most well-known basketball stars. He, just like Tiger, had coaches helping him at every stage of his career. Even the President of the United States, Barack

Obama, has coaches and advisors who help with every aspect of his presidential duties. The list is endless- Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, even The Terminator himself,Arnold Schwarzenegger has a coach.

The real question you need to be asking yourself is this:

Why don’t YOUR employees have their own personal mind coaches?

Yeah, you may be thinking to yourself “we have mentors for that kind of thing”, which yes are a great asset to have and I greatly encourage the use of this training method within your business, but they are two very different things. Mentors do not perform the same duties or return the same kind of overwhelming results as personal mind coaches have been proven to do.

I recently worked for a global call centre and it was amazing and equally unnerving to see how much my initial perceptions of how well the company was functioning differed so drastically from the reality. Once inside it was impossible not to see the negativity breeding, within all sections of the company. The employees were stagnant and unmotivated. Everyday, most were turning up to work late, and noticeable irritable or in some cases the just weren’t showing up at all.

So, here is another question for you to have a serious think about:

How much does it cost your business when your employees are spending their time moaning and not working?

According to YOU GOV – 64% of employees admit to being stressed at work. How much could you save if your employees learned how to deal with stress and were happy at work?

Worryingly, more than a third (35%) try to counter stress by drinking alcohol and 27% admit to comfort eating. What does this cost the business in sick pay?

This could all be easily fixed by using our new Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) approach to releasing work pressures, which has been around for years, but delivers results.

Influential Minds have recorded a 99% positive result via their business clients. We are already supporting top clients to introduce this support within their companies and we have already seen huge reductions in their sick pay and seen a superb increase in their employees engagement.

It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list, but below will give you a taster of how your business can benefit from our progressive brand of mind coaching.

1)    Employees will master the art of dealing with change.

2)   Destructive conflicts will be minimised and resolutions made easier..

3)   Increased retention of high performing employees.

4)   Enhanced employee loyalty as they feel more valued and therefore become more invested in their work.

5)   Employees will be more motivated and will have greater job satisfaction.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have happy, on the ball employees who make a habit of invoking their own personal drive at work, to make your business profits?

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