In the past you may have been told to ‘work on your weaknesses’ to get you closer to success. However, it’s easier to play to your strengths and the truth is, you may never overcome your weaknesses, but you can make significant changes to how you work and live by focusing on what you’re already good at.

Weaknesses are activities that we dislike and tend to have negative emotions around, which is why we want to avoid them and end up feeling mentally exhausted when we act on them. Whereas we’re automatically attracted our strengths, we execute them well and afterwards we feel more energised and eager to do it again, thus continually improving that strength without realising it.

It’s time to stop focusing on your weaknesses, however, you shouldn’t completely forget about them. By understanding your weaknesses, it will help you form the right team around you because where you are weak, somebody excels. Don’t let your weaknesses get you down; acknowledge them to help you find that perfect team and learn to delegate.

One of the side effects of focusing on your weaknesses is that it can overshadow your strengths and make you believe you don’t have any. You need to ask yourself, ‘What am I good at?’, What are my core strengths?’ and ‘Where should my focus be?’. Find what you’re passionate about and pursue it.

Remember your strengths and construct a plan to build on them. As mentioned earlier, you’re better off putting most of your energy into where it matters and concentrating on what you’re already great at. This will definitely increase your chances of success in life and in business.

Follow this plan to build on your strengths:

  • Identify your strengths.
  • Relate back to what you’re currently doing.
  • Find out what you want to achieve and set goals.
  • Take time out to learn.
  • See your progress by measuring and reviewing.

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