I have never been more wowed by someone’s influence than I was today! I had tears and smiles and it was all thanks to Paula Wingate who tapped into my subconscious and identified things I thought were dead and buried but actually still having an effect on my life and the decisions which I make. Since leaving that session today I felt amazing, the changes have already started and I know they will continue. Never felt so in control and empowered in such a long, long time so I want to say a massive thank you. This woman’s work is phenomenal.



My first introduction to Paula was via the phone. I was in a terrible state of depression and very suicidal. The very first thing I noticed about Paula was a huge calming aura. Her voice was so smooth and soft and she did not react to anything I said no matter how shocking or depressing it was.

She has the ability to refocus your mind with just her calming voice. The major thing I loved about working with Paula is her incredible sense of humour. It really helped in stressful situations and could imagine that she would tamper it to her clients she is working with. Paula really does have a wonderful rapport with you and there is never any judgement. She is a great healer and genuinely tunes into her client’s needs.


Stocks and Shares Trader

I’m lost for words! A truly liberating experience. Paula Wingate is not only top class at coaching, she is a fantastic and absolutely wants you to succeed.

If you want to take your personal and career life to a new level whilst powerfully impacting those close to you, go to Influential Minds.

Excellent, amazing, great, life-changing!

Elaine Turnbull

Financial Controller

I believe the universe sends to you what you need at any given time and I am so grateful for meeting Paula. I read about her champion mindset programme and I wanted to be one of the fabulous testimonials that I was reading on her website.

Paula doesn’t disappoint. Such a caring and giving lady, the immediate impact she had on my life was breath-taking. I’d been struggling for a while to reconnect with my vision, mission, purpose and ‘why’ and it came with such clarity during the time I spent with Paula that it made me want to have that level of impact on the people I work with. She introduced me to chimps and lobsters and I found that shift in mindset changed my approach to life and situations.

If you are looking for someone who will let you continue giving 70%, then Paula’s not for you. She is the epitome of the champion mindset and her game-changing coaching does exactly what it says on the tin.


HR Consultant

Just want to say a massive thank you to Paula. Absolutely amazing results for me. Sleeping very well and lots of good positive things in my head. Wake up feeling refreshed and up for anything the world can send my way. Life is a story book, you make your own dreams as you go along. You go girl.



One session with Paula has made me realise how dead I was feeling inside but now I know how alive I am. You have made such a difference to my life in one session. Thank you.


Director of Customer Operations

Lost and bewildered. Struggling and worn out. Searching for something but not knowing exactly what. That was the torturous state of mind I had created as my prison for years, and I had come to the end of my tether with it all. Life was difficult, and I had no enjoyment in anything at all. I googled and googled for days, and read lots of life coaching websites. Some seemed ok, but most seemed very superficial and not what I felt I needed at all. Then I found the Influential Minds site and I immediately felt something different, a feeling that this woman knows how to get to the truth of the matter, and has tools to transform my stuff. Breakthrough coaching seemed much more in-depth and results orientated than life coaching, and exactly what I needed. And I was right! Paula’s magic has transformed me! Her dedication, sincerity and authenticity, her dogged determination to get me sorted, and her warmth and compassion all worked together in a sacred non-judgmental environment to gently reveal my unconscious beliefs about who I was, and blow them apart! I’m now free to be me! And it’s miraculous, I am in love with my life. Thank you Paula for my breakthrough day, and your 14-day support that followed to keep me on track and help me grow into the new me.


BT Engineer

I feel fantastic and in a much better place than I was – Trust me you are a miracle worker.

I owe you big time for getting me out of the dark clouds I have been stuck in these past years. I can’t thank you enough.