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About Paula Wingate

Paula is the Founder of Influential Minds and an inspirational business coach who just loves helping service-based Businesspreneurs enjoy financial freedom by catapulting their income from 6 figures to 7 figures with just 5 hours work a week.

For over 22 years she has banked well over 100,000 coaching hours and has worked successfully with over 1000 business owners to skyrocket their income.

She is also a mum to two lovely daughters.

Paula is a successful businesspreneur herself. “My life is in a very different place from what it used to be. I lost £125K in one day which meant I was £50k in debt, I lost my marriage, my dream home, my dream car, and became homeless. I want to show you how I transformed my situation so that I NOW don’t worry about money, I live life to the full and am able to pay for what I want with no cash flow panic. This has literally been life-changing for me.”

Paula’s mission is to empower over 1 million businesspreneurs to create long-term, thriving 7 figure businesses, reach financial freedom, explode their income and work just 5 hours a week.

She also coaches other business coaches to be at the top of their game and has helped various FTSE 100 companies to grow.

She is a judge at the International Business Excellence Awards and the UK Business Awards.

About Influential Minds

The Influential Minds team is made up of passionate, driven, and experienced business coaches who have a proven track record in boosting business and helping people achieve their true ambitions.

We love working with businesspreneurs who are passionate about making an impact on this world and making it a better place to live.

We love what we do. We are passionate about what we do. We are exceptional at what we do.

And we enjoy seeing the results that our clients experience!

The truth is that no matter how successful you become, there is always another level. And no matter how much you grow, there will always be things you struggle with.

We offer an exclusive private members’ mastermind membership, and we are looking for highly energetic, credible, determined, and ambitious businesspreneurs who are also honest, full of integrity, compassionate and positive, and – above all – hungry to make an impact in this world.

Is this you?

Proven Results

We have helped UK companies achieve double and triple growth in profitability.

Some of our great success stories include:

  • A client who achieved 2630% increase in turnover in just 12 months of working with Influential Minds.
  • Helping an IFA company to hit the £1m turnover through bringing back discipline into their business with one-to-one and appraisal systems for their employees.
  • Helping clients to turn their investments into profits through Influential Minds by having returns of 37 times their outlay.
  • Restructuring a £4m business that was losing 99% of their turnover every year to now having a 5% profit.
  • Increasing productivity by an average 303% in just 90 days.

Owning a business can be an emotional rollercoaster. Your business is hungry and if you haven’t noticed, the main thing it eats is cash and probably much more than you need or want it to eat.

Lots of businesses die of starvation but it doesn’t really need to be that way.

There is also the impact on you of:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid for the value you bring to the market
  • Not having enough time to work on your business or be with your loved ones.
  • Feeling lost, feeling crap, being constantly stressed, procrastinating, having a lack of confidence, self-sabotaging, suffering from imposter syndrome, having no direction, and hoping for the best.
  • Feeling burned out, disengaged, and dissatisfied.
  • Not enough personal rewards for the effort you put in.
  • Wondering how to get yourself out of the vicious circle you’ve fallen into.

If this is you, and you want to reignite the passion for your business, learn how to gain financial freedom, and grow your business to earn up to £10m per year with just 5 hours a week work – without any of the chaos – I have very good news for you.

We’ve helped business owners just like you to make straightforward, implementable changes, to completely transform their businesses and their personal lives for the better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or a high-profile, established company. We can help you catapult your business to 7 figures.

Success Blueprint

Understanding your Business

We will get to know you and your business and identify the areas we feel you need help with.

We understand that owning and managing a business can be hard. Often you simply lack the time and the headspace to make things happen. Or you might be standing in your own way.

Whatever the issues are, we can help you get to the root of your problems. We will be with you every step of the way being your first port of call should you have a question, or simply need some reassurance.

Confidence in Achieving Success

We know the secret to generating revenue of £100K – £10M per year and we know how to help you increase your profits and company market value, drive improved operations and at the same time catapult your business growth.

We are so confident in our ability to help business owners that we will only offer to work with your business if we know that we can guarantee results

If you are determined to earn up to £10m, work less and have more freedom click here now to join our exclusive private members mastermind membership, and contact us today.


Influential Minds are experts in Business transformation who have a history of results in helping you work less and earn more profit.




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