Are you sick to death with wasting your time?

Are you applying for jobs and getting nowhere?

Would it help you if Influential Minds shared with you 5 more interesting ways to catch an employer’s attention? And all for free!

Here are five of the most creative, weirdest, and – sometimes – most successful ways that candidates have sold themselves to employers.

  • Networking with a twist

It’s not always about who you know, but taking an ‘out of the box’ thinking approach to getting you to the right people that can be worth £1,000’s.

A waitress purposely took lunchtime shift at the restaurant where she worked, despite them paying less than she could earn on an evening, because she knew it was when the business professionals ate and drank. The waitress was in the perfect position to strike up conversations, build rapport and create the opportunity to let them know she was looking for a specific job. By doing this she was able to tell the right people about herself, give out business cards and CV’s, as well as getting e mail addresses to contact the right people. This simple approach landed her a job.

  • Advertise yourself

We all know the power of advertising so, why not advertise yourself?

From Facebook ads, to LinkedIn ads and beyond, take the step of actively advertising yourself. This can be highly effective, especially if done in a targeted way. It shows dedication, knowledge of how to market yourself, and an ability to think differently – all great qualities in a candidate.

A perfect way to get yourself noticed by the people you want to target, and once contact is made don’t forget to build rapport. Remember people buy into you and not the job.

  • Show, them what you can do

Do you dream of working at Pinterest? This candidate did, and so she aimed to catch their attention with a special Pinterest CV. It didn’t win her a job at Pinterest, but it did win her a role at a leading Pinterest analytics company. The moral of the story? If you can demonstrate your unique skills during your interview (e.g. speaking a foreign language) or in your CV (e.g. clever use of coding or infographic design), you’re impressing your potential employer from the word go.

  • Use YouTube

YouTube is amazing to promote yourself. People are very skeptical of YouTube for personal content but it’s perfect if you want to get results. Question for all of you. Why do businesses use YouTube advertising?

Answer, to get results!

So what’s stopping you from using it?

  • LinkedIn is the Favourite

This beauty is a brilliant tool for networking. It will allow you access to the business decision makers and also allow you to demonstrate your working knowledge through posts. I got my business page professionally completed for £100 and within 5 days it had landed me a £15k contract!

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